zaterdag 16 september 2023

10. Farewell

Despite Picard's protests, Tallinn interprets the Queen's message as her needing to sacrifice herself to save Renée. She uses a holographic disguise to thwart Soong's attempted murder of Renée, and dies in Picard's arms while Renée departs on the Europa mission. After his failure, Soong returns home to find that Kore has deleted his digital files, though he still has a physical file labeled "Project Khan". 

Kore is recruited to join the Travelers by Wesley Crusher, and Rios decides to stay in the past with Teresa. Q and Picard discuss the purpose of the trial: Q hopes that Picard has learned to let go of the past and accept love. 

Q then uses the last of his power to send Picard, Seven, and Raffi back to the Stargazer in their own timeline, where Elnor is alive. Picard recognizes that this Borg Queen is Agnes, whose collective has detected a new trans-warp conduit that they offer to monitor as provisional members of the Federation. 

After reuniting with the older Guinan and learning about Rios's life in the 21st century, Picard returns to his chateau and asks Laris for a second chance at being together.

vrijdag 15 september 2023

9. Hide and Seek

The Queen, Soong, and the drones beam to La Sirena while Picard, Tallinn, Raffi, and Seven beam to Chateau Picard. Agnes's consciousness blocks the Queen from the ship's systems until Seven and Raffi arrive. They try to use the ship against the Queen, but she mortally wounds Seven. After they send Rios, Teresa, and her son to safety, Picard and Tallinn escape from Soong and the drones in the tunnels beneath the chateau. 

Picard recalls his mother having a mental break while they were playing hide-and-seek in the tunnels when he was a boy, after which she ended her own life. Discussing this with Tallinn helps Picard come to terms with it. Soong corners them, but Rios beams back and forces him to flee. 

Agnes persuades the Queen to change her ways and build a new Borg collective through cooperation rather than assimilation, truly becoming a new Borg Queen. The new Queen heals Seven by adding her to the collective, and then departs in La Sirena for the Delta Quadrant, leaving a message for Picard: there must be two versions of Renée, one who will fly the Europa mission and one who will die.

donderdag 14 september 2023

8. Mercy

Wells tries to make Picard and Guinan confess to being aliens. He separates them, and Guinan is visited by Q who explains that he is dying and that the "trial" is a final attempt to give his own life meaning. He notes that all humans are stuck in the past, and Guinan uses astral projection to share this message with Picard. Wells reveals that he encountered aliens when he was a child and thought they wanted to kill him, but Picard explains that these were Vulcans who only tried to erase his memories. Wells is forced to release Picard and Guinan after the FBI dismisses him for conducting an illegal investigation. 

Meanwhile, Raffi and Seven find the Queen collecting car and phone batteries to modify Jurati's body and make it capable of assimilation. She attacks them, but Agnes is able to force her to stop and leave. 

After learning about her true nature, Kore leaves her father with help from Q. The Queen persuades Soong that he can save his legacy by helping her steal La Sirena, thereby enabling her to conquer the galaxy. Soong provides her with a squad of mercenaries to convert into Borg drones.

7. Monsters

Inside his mind, Picard relives part of a memory from his childhood where his apparently abusive father Maurice chased Picard's younger self and his mother Yvette through the house. Tallinn helps Picard realize that his mother was actually struggling with mental illness and Maurice was just trying to protect her and Picard. 

Picard wakes up from his coma and Tallinn reveals that she is actually Romulan and possibly Laris's ancestor. Picard theorizes that Q may have a personal stake in his "trial" and asks Guinan to summon Q using an El-Aurian ritual; the ritual fails just as FBI agent Martin Wells enters the bar and arrests them based on surveillance footage of Picard using his transporter. 

Rios secretly brings Teresa and her son onto La Sirena, confessing that he is a time-traveler. Raffi and Seven discover that the ship's computers have been sabotaged with Borg encryption codes and begin tracking Agnes. They find a bar where she smashed a window and realize that the Queen is trying to create more endorphins in Agnes until she has enough power to assimilate more people and become a new Borg Queen.

dinsdag 12 september 2023

6. Two of One

With the Queen's help, Agnes gives Picard, Tallinn, and Rios access to the gala. There Picard is confronted by Soong, who alerts security that Picard is dangerous. Agnes and the Queen cut the lights and create a distraction by singing a jazz cover of "Shadows of the Night". The resulting rush of endorphins allows the Queen to take full control of Agnes's body. 

Q, having taken the role of Renée's therapist, stokes her insecurity with text messages, and she begins to flee the party. Picard finds her and persuades her to go through with the mission by talking about his mother, who also loved the stars and also had mental health struggles. 

Soong sees Renée and Picard walking together outside and attempts to run over Renée with his car. Picard pushes her out of the way but is hit by the car and knocked unconscious. After returning home, Soong deliriously rants at Kore; she investigates his research and learns that she is the only one to have survived of many apparent clones he created. 

At Teresa's clinic, Tallinn decides to enter Picard's mind to help him wake up from a memory that his mind is fixated on.

5. Fly Me to the Moon

The Supervisor introduces herself as Tallinn and explains to Picard that she is tasked with protecting his ancestor Renée Picard, the woman whom Q had targeted earlier, because Renée plays an important role in the future. Q approaches Dr. Adam Soong, a disgraced geneticist who is desperate to find a cure for his daughter Kore's terminal genetic illness. In exchange for a vial of medicine that can save Kore's life, Q requests Soong's help dealing with Renée. 

Seven and Raffi break Rios out of ICE custody. Back on La Sirena, the Queen taps into the ship's communications to broadcast an emergency call and lure a policeman onto the ship. 

Agnes shoots the Queen to prevent her from assimilating the policeman, but the dying Queen injects Agnes with Borg nanoprobes. 

Picard knows that Renée is destined to find a sentient organism on Jupiter's moon Io and it is essential that she does not back out of the Europa mission. To monitor her at a pre-flight gala, Agnes infiltrates the event to hack the system so they can all attend, but the Borg Queen's consciousness is lurking within her mind.

maandag 11 september 2023

4. Watcher

Picard and Agnes learn from Agnes's connection to the Queen that the change to the timeline they must prevent, to avoid the dark future of the Confederation, will happen in three days time on April 15, 2024. Picard transports to the location Agnes learned from the Queen, and finds a younger version of Guinan who does not know him and is planning to leave Earth after growing disillusioned with humanity. 

Seven and Raffi search for Rios, who is processed by ICE and sent to a sanctuary district on the U.S. border. They are able to track the bus that Rios is on with the help of Agnes, who tricks the Queen into improving La Sirena's transporter systems. 

After Picard reveals his name and explains that he is looking for a watcher, Guinan leads him to someone who is also known as a "Supervisor" that is acting as a "guardian angel" for someone on Earth. The Supervisor, who resembles Laris but appears human, teleports away with Picard. 

Meanwhile, Q approaches a woman who is working on the planned Europa spaceflight mission. He is surprised to discover that he is unable to change her destiny.

zaterdag 9 september 2023

3. Assimilation

Seven distracts the Magistrate long enough for the group to overpower and kill him and his officers. The ship comes under attack, and the Queen takes advantage of the situation to directly connect herself to the ship's computers. She destroys their pursuers and slingshots the ship around the sun, creating a wormhole to 2024. She tells Picard that they must find "The Watcher" in Los Angeles who knows what Q changed to cause the new timeline. 

The ship crashes near Chateau Picard in France, and the Queen diverts all power to sustain herself. Elnor dies of his wounds, and Raffi angrily blames Picard before departing with Seven and Rios to start searching for the Watcher. Rios's transporter malfunctions and he is knocked out, waking up in a clinic that secretly treats undocumented immigrants. 

Before he can leave, immigration officers raid the clinic and arrest both Rios and his physician, Teresa. Rios's communicator is left behind. Despite Picard's warnings, Agnes connects her mind to the Queen and learns the exact location of the Watcher before she can be assimilated, impressing the Queen.

2. Penance

Picard learns from Q that he and his companions are in an alternate timeline where humanity has formed the xenophobic "Confederation of Earth", systematically eradicating or enslaving alien races. Picard, the Confederation's greatest military commander, has been granted the honor of executing the last Borg Queen by Seven of Nine, who is the President of the Confederation and married to the Magistrate. 

The group reunite and learn from the Borg Queen that they can prevent the Confederation's formation by travelling to Los Angeles in 2024, which they can only do with the Queen's help. Agnes, Raffi, and Elnor take control of communication and transporter systems in Confederation headquarters while Seven and Picard buy time at the public execution. 

As the crowd and the Magistrate grow concerned with their stalling, the others complete their objectives and Picard, Seven, Agnes, Raffi, Elnor, and the Queen are beamed to Rios's ship. They are preparing to initiate time travel when the Magistrate and security officers beam aboard, shoot and wound Elnor, and prepare to execute them all for treason.

woensdag 6 september 2023

1. The Star Gazer

Retired admiral Jean-Luc Picard rejects the romantic advances of his housekeeper Laris, a year-and-a-half after the death of her partner Zhaban. After giving a speech to a new class of cadets—including his former ward Elnor—in his role as chancellor of Starfleet Academy, Picard visits his old friend and bartender Guinan to talk about his life-long avoidance of romantic relationships. 

In deep space, Captain Chris Rios and Dr. Agnes Jurati of the USS Stargazer investigate an anomaly that broadcasts a request to negotiate entry into the Federation with Picard. They are joined by Seven of Nine, a vigilante flying Rios's old ship La Sirena, and a fleet of starships including the USS Excelsior which has Elnor and Picard's old first officer Raffi Musiker on board. 

When Picard arrives, a Borg ship emerges from the anomaly and transports their Queen onto the Stargazer. The Queen begins assimilating the entire fleet, prompting Picard to initiate the Stargazer's self-destruct. After the explosion, Picard wakes up in a version of his home and is greeted by the extra-dimensional being Q, who has returned to test Picard again.

zaterdag 18 juni 2022

Startrek Discovery Seizoen 4

1. Kobayashi Maru

Na maandenlang het voortouw te nemen bij het herbouwen aan de oude allianties van de Federatie worden kapitein Michael Burnham en de bemanning van de USS Discovery gestuurd naar een noodoproep van Deep Space Repair Beta 6 om te helpen. Deze schijnbaar routinematige missie onthult het bestaan van een angstaanjagende nieuwe dreiging.

2. Anomaly

Saru herenigt zich met Burnham om de USS Discovery te helpen met het mysterie van de ongewone destructieve zwaartekrachtafwijking te ontrafelen. Terwijl ze ook een manier moeten vinden om Book te helpen, die worstelt om het verlies van zijn familie en zijn thuiswereld te verwerken.

3. Choose to Live

 Kapitein Michael Burnham en vaandrig Sylvia Tilly proberen de schurk Qowat Milat op te sporen die tijdens de diefstal van het dilithium, een Starfleet-officier vermoordde. Ondertussen reist Paul Stamets naar Ni'var om samen te werken met het door Vulcan gerunde Science Instituut.

4. All Is Possible

Sylvia Tilly en Adira Tal leiden een team van nieuwe Starfleet Academy-Kadetten op een trainingsmissie. Er gaat echter iets mis en ze belanden op een besneeuwde planeet. Ondertussen worden Michael Burnham en Saru uitgenodigd om een ontmoeting tussen president Rillak van de Federatie en president T'Rina van Ni'Var bij te wonen.

5. The Examples

Net als het USS Discovery-team ervan overtuigd raakt dat de anomalie kunstmatig moet zijn, krijgen ze van Starfleet-admiraal Charles Vance een nieuwe missie: het evacueren van de Radvek Chain, een asteroïdekolonie die mogelijk dreigt te worden vernietigd. Het is een taak die gecompliceerd wordt omdat de kolonie ook een groep gevangenen, 'De Voorbeelden' bevat. Michael Burnham en Cleveland Booker moeten de klus zien te klaren. Ook een beroemde wetenschapper genaamd Ruon Tarka gaat mee om Saru en Stamets te helpen met het onderzoek naar de DMA.

6. Stormy Weather

Terwijl het mysterie achter de anomalie van donkere materie voortduurt, besluit de USS Discovery een groot risico te nemen door een kloof in de subruimte, die is gecreëerd door de anomalie, te onderzoeken om zo te proberen meer informatie te krijgen over wat het is en hoe het werkt. Book ontmoet een eigenaardige bezoeker uit zijn verleden.

7. …But to Connect

Zora, de bewuste intelligentie die in Discovery's computer leeft, analyseert de gegevens die zijn verkregen tijdens de reis in de subruimtescheur die was achtergelaten door de Donkere Materie Anomalie. In afwachting van dat nieuws heeft Federatie-president Rillak een raad van galactische leiders bijeengeroepen, waaronder Captain Burnham, om hun volgende handelswijze te bepalen.

8. All In

Cleveland Booker en Ruon Tarka zijn op de vlucht na hun beslissing om een prototype van de sporenaandrijving te stelen om zo op eigen kracht de Donkere materie anomalie te vernietigen. Kapitein Michael Burnham krijgt de missie om meer te weten te komen over het gebied waarin de mysterieuze Onbekende Soort 10-C zich bevindt. Om dat te doen, heeft ze sterrenkaarten nodig die zijn gemaakt door een ras op Porathia, een planeet relatief dichtbij de Galactische Barrière. Ze neemt hiervoor Owosekun mee..

9. Rubicon

Cleveland Booker's heeft zijn schip verstopt in een asteroïdeveld zodat Dr. Ruon Tarka de constructie van zijn wapen kan voltooien om de Donkere materie anomalie te vernietigen. Wat hun beweegredenen ook zijn, beide brengen miljarden levens in gevaar en moet worden gestopt. Saru heeft het moeilijk door de stress van de DMA-crisis en roept T'Rina, president van Ni'Var voor meditatie-advies, op.

10. The Galactic Barrier

Na de komst van een tweede, krachtigere Donkere materie anomalie, geeft de Verenigde federatie van Planeten aan Kapitein Michael Burnham de opdracht om met de USS Discovery de Galactische Barrière over te steken en contact te maken met de Onbekende Soort 10-C. Booker en Tarka gaan naar de Emerald Chain-gevangenis om een geheime voorraad programmeerbare antimaterie te vinden die is achtergelaten in de verlaten onderzoeksfaciliteit.

11. Rosetta

De USS Discovery en zijn bemanning wijken af van hun reis. Omdat ze nog geen manier weten om contact te maken met Onbekende Soort 10-C, riskeren ze kostbare tijd om op een planeet, waarvan wordt gedacht dat het ras er leefde, informatie te verzamelen. De tussenstop geeft Book en Tarka ook de tijd om onopgemerkt heimelijk aan boord gaan van Discovery.

12. Species Ten-C

De USS Discovery arriveert eindelijk bij de buitenrand van het hyperveld dat de Onbekende Soort 10-C-ruimte beschermt. Kapitein Burnham, Saru en een diplomatieke gezant van de Federatie proberen te communiceren met de entiteit die een onmiddellijke bedreiging is geworden voor de Aarde en Ni'Var. 

13. Coming Home

As the DMA approaches Earth and Ni'Var, and with evacuations underway, Burnham and the team aboard the U.S.S. Discovery must find a way to communicate and connect with a species far different from their own before time runs out. 


Star Trek Discovery komt tot een einde. Paramount+ besluit na het aankomende vijfde seizoen de stekker uit de Star Trek-serie te trekken. Tevens is de release van dit laatste seizoen flink uitgesteld, tot 2024.

zaterdag 30 oktober 2021


De originele Star Trek-tijdlijn

Complete lijst:

Star Trek: Enterprise (2001 tot 2005)
Sterrendatum : 2151 tot 2156

Star Trek: Discovery seizoenen 1 en 2 (2017 tot 2019)
Sterrendatum : 2256

Star Trek: The Original Series (1966 tot 1969)
Sterrendatum : 2266 tot 2269

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)
Sterrendatum : 2273

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982)
Sterrendatum : 2285

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984)
Sterrendatum : 2285

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986)
Sterrendatum: 2286

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989)
Sterrendatum : 2287

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991)
Sterrendatum : 2293

Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987 tot 1994)
Sterrendatum : 2364 tot 2370

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993 tot 1999)
Sterrendatum : 2369 tot 2375

Star Trek Generations (1994)
Sterrendatum: 2371

Star Trek: Voyager (1995 tot 2001)
Sterrendatum : 2371 tot 2378

Star Trek: First Contact (1996)
Sterrendatum : 2373

Star Trek: Insurrection (1998)
Sterrendatum : 2375

Star Trek: Nemesis (2002)
Sterrendatum: 2379

Star Trek: Picard (2020 tot heden)
Sterrendatum: 2399

Star Trek: Discovery seizoen 3 (2020 tot 2021)
Sterrendatum: 3188


Star Trek (2009)
Sterrendatum : 2258 tot 2259 (Kelvin-tijdlijn)

Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)
Stardate : 2259 (Kelvin-tijdlijn)

Star Trek Beyond (2016)
Stardate : 2263 (Kelvin-tijdlijn)


    Star Trek: Enterprise (2001 tot 2005)
    Star Trek: Discovery seizoenen 1 en 2 (2017 tot 2019)
    Star Trek: The Original Series (1966 tot 1969)
    Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987 tot 1994)
    Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993 tot 1999)
    Star Trek: Voyager (1995 tot 2001)
    Star Trek: Picard (2020 tot heden)
    Star Trek: Discovery seizoen 3 (2020 tot 2021)


maandag 13 september 2021

't Is om te huilen...

 Een lijstje om te huilen....

  • Bambi - Felix Salten
  • Turks Fruit - Jan Wolkers
  • A Soldier Things - Tom Waits
  • Lost - Anouk
  • ...

Later meer...

woensdag 8 september 2021

Planten voor op het balkon

Volgend jaar ga ik voor de kant-en-klaar-planten voor op het balkon. Ik zal 's een lijstje maken:

  • Snoeptomaten
  • Snoeppaprika
  • Tijm
  • Laurier
  • Lavendel
  • Peterselie
  • Bonenkruid
  • Bascilicum
  • Rozemarijn
  • Passiebloem
  • ...
  • Bloemen... heel veel bloemen...:-)

Later meer...:-)